Pilot VT100

Pilot VT100: Changes Log

Fri Aug 13 17:38:41 IDT 1999	Vassilii Khachaturov
	* Brian J. Swetland lost his CVS repository during host relocation, so the
	older sources are not available
	* Releasing 1.0. Updating the pictures and linking the sources
	tarball into the index page. CVSWeb TBD

[most recent changes not logged until the CVS repository access is fixed]

Sat Feb 21 21:45:34 IST 1998	Vassilii Khachaturov
	* Makefile:
		Added $(RSC) to `clean' -- it's now rebuilt from $(RSC).in
		Added RELEASE macro
	* docs/Makefile:
		Added RELEASE macro
	* ToDo.html.in, ChangeLog.html.in, index.html.in:
		(not to be confused with their newer counterparts in docs/)
		-- removed
	* term.c:
		ModifierToggle_Ctl() added
		The CTL button is now a toggle (double CTL==none); when active,
		the button remains selected
	* vt100.rsc.in:
		The version resource promoted to 0.0.7
		The release label is now set up by the makefile using 
			the RELEASE macro

Sat Jan 17 01:17:28 IST 1998	Vassilii Khachaturov
	* Makefile, docs/Makefile:
		moved the "Significant us" non-html-specific macros to the
		parent makefile, exports adjusted
	* vt100.rsc: removed. It is now built from vt100.rsc.in
	* vt100.rsc.in: added, based on the old (static) vt100.rsc.
	* Makefile: added the `$(RSC): $(RSC).in' rule

Fri Jan 16 18:48:38 IST 1998	Vassilii Khachaturov
	* docs/Makefile: added BODY_COLORS macro
	* docs/index.html.in, docs/ToDo.html.in, docs/ChangeLog.html.in:
	now using the BODY_COLORS instead of explicitly using the coloring
	attrs in <BODY>
	* docs/index.html.in: not using <TABLE> any more -- nice
	rendering on most graphics-capable user-agents now sacrificed to
	incremental rendering
	* chcodes.h: added
	* keymap.c: removed the CTL() macro def. -- it's now in chcodes.h
	* term.c
		RecvSerial(): added software flow control code,
			controlled by the XON_XOFF define.
			No more buffer overruns at 19200 baud.
	* Makefile: added dependencies on chcodes.h

Thu Jan  8 03:27:42 IST 1998	Vassilii Khachaturov
	* fixed some problems that occured when splitting the Makefile into two
	* docs/Makefile, docs/index.html.in: added bzip2 distribution of the app.
	* rsrc.h, vt100.rsc: added prefsResetAutoOffCheck
	* term.c: added global tty_activity_resets_autooff,
	MainFormHandleEvent(): linked it to the prefsResetAutoOffCheck checkbox
	RecvSerial(): removed the old (disbled by #ifdefs) code
		(we can always restore it from the CVS repository now);
		added conditional call to EvtResetAutoOffTimer()

Mon Jan  5 13:59:57 CST 1998    Brian J. Swetland
	* Added docs directory and moved html docs into there.
	* Stored static images as .gif's to reduce size 
	* added white background to web pages
	* failed to fix the blurring problem with convert

Sat Jan  3 17:06:26 IST 1998	Vassilii Khachaturov
	* Makefile, index.html.in: now using IMG HEIGHT/WIDTH attributes
	for all the three inline images, values for those are
	dynamically substituted in the Makefile,
	in the `$(HTML)/%: %.in' rule.
	Names of the new HTML macros:

Fri Jan  2 22:33:31 IST 1998	Vassilii Khachaturov
	* ChangeLog.html.in, ToDo.html.in: instead of old ChangeLog, ToDo
	* index.html.in: linked in the changelog/todo; removed "requests"
	(merged them with ToDo). Added the Installation and Linux
	subsections in Usage.
	Removed inlined snapshot of alpha 5 (demo2.gif). Instead linked in
	external new snapshots.
	* about.ppm emacs.ppm login.ppm vi.ppm: new snapshots.

Fri Jan  2 01:32:01 IST 1998	Vassilii Khachaturov
	* Makefile: added $(CONVERT)
	* index.html.in: made it a first-class SGML document,
	doctype html 3.2; added as comment vim-modeline to
	set the external make program to nsgmls for interactive
	validation -- see www.jclark.com. Debugged the html markup.

Wed Dec 31 20:36:36 IST 1997	Vassilii Khachaturov
	* Makefile: THISDIR renamed to thisdir and changed to immediate.
	Its definition now uses shell variable $PWD instead of relying on
	make macro $(PWD), which proved to be absent on gnuwin32.

Wed Dec 31 08:47:49 IST 1997	Vassilii Khachaturov
	* Makefile, index.html.in:
	Major improvement in the web page. Contents added,
	items reordered, text made less Brian-specific.
	Added macros to the html template expansion rule:
	(XXX need to integrate that into the about form resource)
	ICONTEXT, GZIPSIZE (and a .prc.gzip added to the download options!).

Wed Dec 31 07:10:43 IST 1997	Vassilii Khachaturov
	* term.c, keymap.c:
	Changed C++-style comments (//) to C-style (/* ... */).

Tue Dec 30 20:05:31 IST 1997	Vassilii Khachaturov
	* Makefile: The associated web stuff integrated into the bundle.
	See the `web' target and associates.
	It is now possible to specify the html in a .in template,
	on which a sort of macro processing is going to be built.

	* font.bmp, icon.bmp: converted to PBM
	All the asssociated gifs for the Web are now updated automatically.

	* vt100.rsc: now using PBMs instead of BMPs

	* font.xbm: removed

Sun Dec 29	Brian J. Swetland
	* vt100.rsc: added '98 to copyright line.  Added Vassilii to
	about dialog.  Minor cosmetic twiddling done to some dialogs.
	Alpha 6 released.

Sun Dec 28 19:25:02 IST 1997	Vassilii Khachaturov
	* ChangeLog started

	* ToDo started

	* font.bmp: 'U' made more distinguished from 'V' (added 1 pixel
	at the lower-right corner)

	* Makefile: added maintenance targets: debug, install, coinstall,
	codebug, gzip, tar.
	Redundant '-lm' removed from the link rule.
	Various explicit dependancies added.
	The compilation rule now uses -W and -Wall.

	* rsrc.h: for code optimizations, different hacks upon
	the resource id-s convention were adopted. See for details
	the comments in rsrc.h and vt100.rsc.
	Also, the overall style changed from absolute-positioning to
	relative positioning where possible (I do not have any
	visual tools for creating the resource scripts).

	* vt100.rsc: Added buttonsForm (currently defunct) with a help attached,
	added prefsForm, removed baud selection from the main form (it is now
	on prefsForm). COMPRESS used for the bitmap (needs at least pilrc1.7),
	current version today is 2.0).

	* term.c:
	#include "keymap.h" to interface the new module `keymap.c' (see below).
	Different initializations moved to the static initializers out
	of StartApplication(): as of prc-tools-0.5.0 
	the static init. bugs are fixed.

	StartApplication(): FontBH made VoidHand instead of Handle,
	this eliminated a compilation warning.

	Introduced global static: local_echo iCurBaud serial_settings.
	Removed SerialBaud.
	Introduced enum for readable indexing of the static global bauds[].
	The file is highly dependant upon the values of some resource IDs.
	Some checks at preprocessor level are tried to be performed to verify
	the IDs values consistency. It all could have been eliminated had
	pilrc had an ability to get arith. expr-s instead of the IDs,
	(probably requiring a C++ preprocessor pass on rsc).

	StartSerial(), StopSerial(), RecvSerial(): application-specific
	custom receive buffer is set up when going online. The buffer
	is currently 4kB (default is 512B). RecvSerial() currently
	gives a fatal alert on the buffer overrun (the buffer size does not
	influence the PRC size, so increasing again won't be a big problem
	for the total app size. I have had no problems on 19200 with it so far.
	Still software flow control is desirable to prevent the overflow situation.

	MainFormHandleEvent(): several variables moved to the blocks that actually
	need them. Removed popSelectEvent handling as the bauds popup is now
	removed from the form. Added actual code to the menuEvent handler instead
	of the old stub that just popped out the about form regardless of
	the actual menu item selected. This code highly uses the ID values
	hacks (extracting bits from them and passing them as
	serial_settings.flags etc.).

	EventLoop(): keymap_RemapEvent is now trying to be done before
	other routines get chance of the event processing. See also

	VirtualKeyPress(): added here to eliminate frequently used 
	within MainFormHandleEvent() idiom and to provide a hook for
	the keymap.c module.

	* vt100.h: added VirtualKeyPress()

	* keymap.h, keymap.c: module that deals with the hardware buttons
	remapping. Currently it's impossible to change the built-in map.

Contact the developers:
swetland@frotz.net, vassilii@tarunz.org.